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At PandaSource we support your growing business.

Do you find yourself overwhelmed with tasks each day? 

You start each weekend, thinking “I’m going to rest for once” and end up working throughout the weekend… ignoring family, friends, and other priorities?

You know what you WANT to achieve as a business owner… but the clarity is just not there… you desperately wish you had someone in your corner.

That’s what I’m here for!

I want to see you succeed! 
You’ve hit that $10k month but now you’re spinning your wheels, trying to keep up! 

You want to do MORE, reach MORE, and all while working LESS… 

Working with me, I can make that dream a reality!

I am a Passionate, Idea-generating, hard-working Business owner with over 10 years of experience in management 

After 7 years of growing a business from $0 in sales to $7 million in sales…

I saw what was needed for that type of growth. 

-> Strong Team Management
-> A clear Marketing plan for Social Media & Email Marketing
-> A focus on Team Development
-> A CEO who was rested, with space to think BIG 

I’m passionate about helping Online Businesses as they grow into their next level. 

Instead of burning the candle at both ends, You need someone who can step in, understanding what it’s like to have massive growth, and manage your team, your to-do’s, and provide invaluable support to you, as the CEO

Support in strategy.  Support with IDEAS.  Support on those hard, tired days. 

That’s what I’m here for - to support you and your team.  
To support your dream. 
To support your company. 

Why Me?

There are so many AMAZING Online Business Managers to choose from! 
And I am more than happy to refer to them, if we are not a good fit - I am that confident in their abilities as well! 

What Makes me Different?

-> I have a team of 14 VA’s who can start with you on the ground level. 
-> I have a massive network of professional experts who can help you with those high-level needs! 
->We take a collaborative approach in giving you a one-stop-shop for your Business!
-> I am an ideas-machine.  I will give you new inventive ways to grow your business.  Ideas that you’ve never heard of.  Together, we will constantly be asking ourselves “What should we do next? How can we stand out more? Are we reaching our ideal Client?”

Trainings I’ve Received

*Kelly Roach Live Launch Method
*Amy Porterfield Course Creation Program
*Phil Harrison Launch Program
*Ryann Dowdy Sales Training
*Doreen Korba Mindset Training
*Funnel Gorgeous Training
*Brittany Morgan Content Creation Training
*Louise Henry Asana Training

Are You Ready to Chat about your Business Needs?

Drop your Email Below & I will contact you shortly!

Ready To Jump on a Call?

During our fitting call we will talk more about your business, your needs, timeline and our expertise.  If we are a great fit, I’ll send over a proposal! If our skills aren’t quite what you’re looking for, I am happy to refer you to another professional that might suite your needs better.  

Email us at

Online Business Manager Support

My passion is to bring focus and motivation to your business.  I want to see you achieve those goals, all while simplifying your business.  I step in and ensure your team is working on tasks that are collaborative and will move your business forward - not just completing “busy work”.

With an Online Business manager, you will be able to enjoy your work/life balance, having the knowledge that when you step away - things are still chugging along.  

While you sit on a beach with your children. Or Watch a movie with your significant other. Or garden, bike, read a book, sip coffee with a friend… any of it! - While you take a breather, you can trust that your business is will running smoothly.  

And while you ARE working - you now get to focus on BIG picture CEO tasks!! You get to step out of the “do everything in my business” world and step into the “I am the CEO and only work in my zone of genius!”

I’m here to help you feel like a CEO, not like an overwhelmed, hustling, new business owner.

Team & Boutique Support

With a vast network of professional entrepreneurs and a team of 14 Virtual Assistants, we are able to support every business need you have, in one stop! 

No more shopping around for the right Content Writer, Website Designer, Tech VA - I have that taken care of and can recommend amazing women who will support your business the same way I do! 

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